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Wednesday  |  January 24, 2018
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You were sick. You overslept. You had a paper to write. Whatever your reason, you need notes for the class you missed. You've asked your friends, you've asked your neighbors, nobody can help. Why not fire up Firefox and head over to NotePig.com. NotePig.com is your number one source for first class notes on the web. Due to our strict policy of accepting only high quality notes, you are guaranteed the best bang for your buck. Rent's coming up. That last textbook put you over your budget. You really want to get wasted this weekend, but can't afford it. Whatever your reason, you need to make some extra money. Do you still have all of last year's notes in that binder on your bookshelf, in that folder in your computer titled "Mission Accomplished"? Well, why not submit those notes for approval at NotePig.com, and make some extra money.

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Create an account with us and start browsing for the notes you want using our extremely well organized system that makes it all easy.

Login or create an account. Quickly and easily upload your notes to be sold.

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Sales and More Sales

Once you've found the perfect notes for your class, simply hit the "Google Checkout" button to procede through a quick and secure checkout.

Your notes are bought multiple times by many different people. Positive feedback is left on your notes making them more likely to be bought by other people.

Instant Gratification

Get Paid, Make Money

We hate waiting for anything. That is why we made sure that you get your notes seconds after your payment is received.

Money is sent to you via paypal or check when you reach 15 bucks in earning

At NotePig, we are dedicated to providing the most amount of students with the largest possible number of high quality notes.

What kind of quality control do you have?

The first bunch of notes submitted by any seller get read over by a real person for accuracy and clarity. After the seller has submitted several batches of high quality notes, they become "Trusted Sellers", and their notes are only scrutinized when problems arise.

In addition to our quality control experts verifying user submissions, NotePig also employs a rating system. Each buyer can rate notes after purchasing them, and these ratings form an overall user rating. This user rating can make or break a note seller, so make sure you submit excellent notes.

Don't forget that if you have any questions for a seller leave a comment for them on the notes you're interested in.

My name is Alec Hess; I am the creator of NotePig.com. I would like to personally thank all of you for signing up and taking part in this exciting new service. We are about to reinvent the way people think about personal class notes and study guides.

If you have any questions send them to Help@NotePig.com.

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